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  • Shivangi Mistri

    Let me start by saying that when we first discovered this place we would visit it ATLEAST once a week. Being a Mumbaikar I crave for masala pav and dabeli often; this place satisfies my cravings.

    Why I also find it convenient is because even on weekends, parking is not difficult to find here. However on weekends in the evenings there can be waiting. Their outdoor seating is larger than indoors and also more preferred. The waiters are extremely quick and efficient at work. The interiors are nothing great, like a regular fast food joint.

    I've tried most of the items on their menu. Some of my favourites are vada Pav, veg Frankie, dabeli, usal-misal, dahi batata puri, tava pulav and cheese pav bhaji. I personally would not recommend their South Indian, their speciality is mumbai fast food.

    On my last visit we ordered masala pav, bhel puri and katchi dabeli. I finished with Kesar chai and it wasn't something I would come back for. Too milky, not almost tastes like kesar milk. A thing to remember would be that if you're not too hungry, specify that you want single masala pav otherwise they will serve you two pieces which will be a struggle to finish. There's just one problem with this place, everything they serve is heavily LOADED with butter so consuming excessive quantity can get difficult.

    If you're a MumbaiKar you would really enjoy the food here. Their Tava pav and veg Frankie is a must try!

    Quick Tip: If you're a Mashreq card holder, you get a 10% off on the total bill.

  • Prachi

    Pav Bhaji? This is it!

    I dont think I will ever come across an Indian who is not fond of the Bombaiya street food! Mumbai Express serves you all the taste-bud tickling dishes straight from the streets of Bombay.

    Pau Bhaji that we ordered is the best one we have tasted in Dubai so far. Lip smacking! I also ordered Kutchhi Dabeli, Sev Batata Puri and Grilled Chili Cheese Toast. The Dabeli was wayyy too sweet. I agree Kutchhi Dabeli tends to be sweet but in this one, the sweet taste was completely dominant. I came to know that the only ingredient that sets Kutchhi Dabeli apart from the normal Dabeli (though not tasted) was the Sev! Funny. Sev Batata Puri was good. Grilled Chili Cheese toast was average. Another funny thing I came to know was that the normal Chili Cheese Toast had raw cheese. So normal: AED16 and Grilled: AED20. Smart!

    The service here is really good. Prompt, attentive and pleasant staff! Good thing. The outdoor seating in this weather is bound to get full even on a weekday. So if you are late for your dinner, get ready to be on the waiting list.





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